In every business there is always the “Oh Crap”! moment when a PC get’s infected with something.  And some more often than others.  What to do?

Well, using a quality set of firewall/filters/anti-virus is part of the solution.  And more than likely the only parts of the solution you’ve heard about.  But, there’s a whole other area of expertise afoot.  Who, Where, and What….  in RealTime.  There are tools that enable individual networ

ks to monitor such things (really expensive tools) but sometimes it’s better to back up and get the 50,000ft overview.  That’s where Realtime Threat Monitoring comes into play.

We use several realtime tools like this (and they’re so private I’m not even allowed to put up a pic of them).  But there is a public realtime threat monitor out there that will give you the high level overview of what’s being targeted, by who, and where they are that has been released by Deutche Telkom (T-Mobile for my US customers).  If you click on the picture of the tool in action it will pop up a window and you can see what’s happening in the world of cyber threats in realtime from monitoring stations spanning the globe.

And you’ll see why you don’t want your own tool, and will want to just have OPENRSM “handle it” when it comes to cyber security.