Microsoft is having a difficult time with Windows8 and WindowsRT…  Companies and People arn’t buying it.  And, from the testing we’ve done so far, for good reason.

But Microsoft is taking a decidedly interesting approach to slow sales of a product EVERYBODY has said they don’t need, don’t want, and they can’t really see any improvements over previous versions (including Windows XP).  Their answer to the problems with their latest OS version are to raise prices, dramatically.

Microsoft has increased pricing on the following (non-complete) list of products:

  • Lync Server 2013 400%
  • Project 2013 Server CAL  21%
  • SharePoint 2013  38%
  • Windows8 License CALs  15%

So now, new PCs (which you have no choice which operating system is loaded on them) could start costing more under Enterprise Licensing policies from Microsoft.  All because people don’t want their products.  Pretty arrogant approach instead of giving customers what they truly want and need.


(information gleaned from an article located HERE)