Yes, you heard me right.  And is reporting it, and Microsoft is confirming it.  Windows8 paid applications contain advertising.  Right now ads f

Windows8 Metro (i.e. no Start Button) Interface

or Coca Cola, Ford, and Samsung have signed up (among others) that will  show up in applications (like Finaance, Weather, News, etc.).

With a “normal” operating system and applications (that you pay for) you wouldn’t expect to have ads.  Free apps, sure.  Paid apps, no way.

And there are no notices or warnings, opt-in/out boxes, etc.  The ads are there and you can’t remove them.

I wonder how many people would pay for a Windows8 App that kills the onboard advertising?  It seems that Microsoft may have either created something to raise the ire of every business customer, or, created an opportunity for a clever programmer to join the millionaire ranks.