Floods in Thailand have caused a significant portion of the world’s hard drive and other computer component manufacturing facilities to be temporarily shut down. ASUS Reports they are nearly out of Hard Disks, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Others are expected to have similar announcements soon.


This will lead to shortages of computers and peripheral products over the next Quarter. Kansas City (being a very high adopter of advanced I.T. systems) will be affected negatively and short term implementation of systems, servers, and peripherals will cost more.

There are, however, creative ways to deal with short term market “blips” such as this that can actually help you increase your bottom line without affecting your business in radical ways. OPENRSM has long been known for it’s ability to effectively manage business IT investments for the maximum positive effect. Now that critical computer component parts are in short supply it is wise to assess your own I.T. Infrastructure and plan effectively to maximize the returns from your I.T. Investments.

More to the point, “I.T. is a Process, Not a Project”. And by employing OPENRSM to help you transform your own I.T. infrastructure to a process (rather than a number of disparate “black boxes” that cost money) you can weather this storm.

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