The new Facebook Changes do more than alter how you use Facebook.  It seems that your now being “watched” whever you go on the Web..  By Facebook, even if you’ve logged out.

In a blogpost today by Nic Cubrilovic (a highly technical and thorough post I might add).  Nic shows you the exact mechanisms Facebook is using to track every page you visit on the Internet.  And if you thought logging off would prevent that, well, no it doesn’t.  There are a range of various “cookies” being set when your on Facebook and these don’t go away when you log off.  And the mechanism is there for every website you visit, every page you read, every Google Search you do to be logged and tracked.

Does Facebook actually log all of this data?  It’s sure to happen if you click a “Like” button on a news website, share button on an article, etc.  Beyond that, only the people at Facebook know for sure.  And it looks like they are, Nic conducted an experiment where he created a couple of facebook accounts.  Then he discovered..  As Nic puts it, “Somehow Facebook knew that we were all coming from the same browser, even though I had logged out.“.

His suggestions?  Use a different browser for Facebook, and only Facebook.