Windows8 has been released to developers and so has the “Metro” interface.  And the Metro interface is both the same, and different than what your used to.  To put it simply, Metro is like your Android or iPhone screen, and the regular Windows interface is more like Windows LiveMail.  The old Windows interface is gone.

Along with that is a general “disdain” for the Windows interface in Microsoft documentation itself.  Perhaps giving a clue that Metro is where Microsoft wants all your Desktop computers to run with all your applications running under it.  And no wonder.  All Microsoft Metro Applications will be exclusively delivered by…  The Windows Online Store!

To directly quote Microsoft documentation…  “Speaking of discoverability, all roads, as the saying goes, lead to the Windows Store.”, and “For Metro style apps, that is, the Windows Store is the only means of general distribution”.  And finally, “As such, your relationship with the Store really defines your business, whether you’re in it for fame, fortune, fun, or philanthropy.”.

Which means Microsoft wants money for every application installed on Windows even if (especially if) that application comes from a company other than Microsoft.

And that’s okay.  The model works well for the iPhone, iPad and other devices.  And Microsoft stands to make a ton of money doing it.  But this will drive your IT costs higher.  Your a couple years from full out deployment of Windows8 and Metro, so you have time to plan accordingly.