Woe is the person who has a laptop problem.  Like Joseph reports to Consumerist...  His (out of warranty) laptop started having hard disk issues.  He promptly backed everything up (backups are good) and proceeded to replace his disk.  Only it isn’t so easy.  And Samsung tells him his only option is to return the laptop to them (for a fee).

Which isn’t all that unusual anymore.  We’ve seen this from prospective customers that call with laptop issues frequently.  Manufacturers designing the packaging of their systems so that you cannot repair or reinstall software yourself, or even locally..  Of course, with payments to the manufacturers required.

Now we don’t begrudge the PC manufacturers from making a profit.  Far from it.  But some manufacturers are way worse than Samsung in this regard.  Which ones?  Well, it’s a moving target.  Policies change, products change, special deals and offers/promotions change.  But OPENRSM does keep track and knows the score for it’s Kansas City IT customers.

Before you chuck out old systems, or purchase new ones for your Kansas City Business..  Call OPENRSM.