An intresting article came out yesterday in the blogs at Hewlett Packard about Malware, Viruses, etc. and the threat of them being “built in” to the computers and peripherals you buy.  And just what a threat it is.

Which brings up an interesting situation for businesses and the liability they may incur as a result.  For example, what would happen to your business if suddenly all your customers data (stored on your business systems) was being sold to identity thieves?  What if it was discovered that your systems contained Malware that enabled the breach of security?  How much money, time, effort, and manpower would it take to figure out what was going on with your computers?

Which is why OPENRSM humbly suggests that you need us to manage your systems and security for you.  Being proactive includes screening hardware and software systems before they’re installed in your business.  That takes a level of expertise and experience that you and your company simply don’t possess.  And why should you?  Your the experts in your own industry.  Let OPENRSM come in and audit your systems (For FREE) and provide you with a comprehensive report on the overall health and security of your network, a list of suggested maintenance, and a security review.  It won’t cost you a thing.  We’ll do it for free just so you can see how OPENRSM employs it’s “I.T. is a Process, Not a Project” approach and show you just how cost effective it is to not have computer issues.

Take a look at the HP blog HERE…  It’s an interesting read.