Tentatively set to start in mid-July, an experiment proposed by the major US Power companies (AP Source linked) will cause the frequency of the electrical current powering your computers, printers, phone systems, etc. to fluctuate to a much wider degree than in the past.  And many of the internal clocks in your computers, phone systems, and printers rely on the frequency of the electrical grid to help regulate their internal clocks.

What is this going to do to your business?  Just check out some of the things you use every day that rely on system clocks:

  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Employee Time Clocks
  • Time and Billing Applications
  • Phone Systems

Fortunately, we have the Network Time Protocol and Internet Time Servers we can use to help keep your systems properly “clocked”.  Unfortunately, many (if not most) systems we see for the first time havn’t been configured to use NTP properly!  This is okay as long as the power grid is at a constant frequency, but with this new yearlong experiment about to begin these systems are susceptible to disrupting your business.

Do you know if your business is at risk?  Call or Email OPENRSM and we’ll check out your systems, network, and peripherals and provide you the news, good or bad, and if anything needs to be done.  No risk, No obligation.  Just straight answers.